Step-by-step plan for smooth organisation when renting a marquee

Dreaming of a setting for your wedding which you can decorate in line with your taste and style? Looking for something unique and memorable? Then renting a party marquee is the ideal solution. Organising a private wedding party in your own backyard, in a field or on a public location requires a great deal of preparation. This is not an easy task and you need to take a lot into account.

Step 1: Choose the ideal site for your party marquee and check the feasibility

Check whether the location you have in mind is available. Maybe you need to take extra steps, like applying for the necessary  permits. When looking for a location, it is best to also take into consideration the reachability and accessibility for your guests as well as the weather conditions. 

Step 2: Set a date for your private party

You cannot throw a party unless you set a date. Communicate this date well in advance to your invitees. A ‘save the date’ message for the official invitation is essential if you want a large turnout . Several weeks before the date of the party, you can then send the official invitation with possible instructions, dress code, gift tips, etc.

Step 3: Determine the size and type of rental marquee

Estimate the number of people who will attend to determine the size of the marquee. Your marquee rental company will be able to provide assistance. Once the marquee’s size has been determined, you can choose the type of marquee. Do you want to rent a marquee with transparent sidewalls, wooden windows and doors, a carpet, wooden flooring, a decking area or a walkway? The possibilities are endless.

When renting a party marquee, you need to take into account numerous factors that determine the marquee’s size: the surface area of the site, the soil type, the number of guests, whether there will be a band or DJ, the dance floor, the caterer and/or bar, etc. 

Step 4: Don’t forget about practical matters

  • Consider the soil type and install your marquee on a flat surface
  • A wooden walkway, red carpet or a dance floor? Provide your guests with comfort.
  • Don’t forget to install clean and comfortable sanitary units with accompanying personal care products, deodorisers, etc.
  • Install road plates to enable your suppliers and marquee builder to reach the party location without difficulties
  • Will you need a caterer, a DJ, atmospheric lighting or heating? Don’t forget your power connection devices.
  • Do you want to make the location of your party marquee accessible to your guests? Create sufficient parking space.
  • Make sure that you comply fully with the necessary permits, noise control measures, etc.

Step 5: Set up and take down your marquee

Good agreements make good friends. Clear communication with your marquee rental company as to setting up and taking down the marquee is important for a flawless organisation. Assess how long it will take to put up the rental marquee, agree on who will be present during the assembly and disassembly, etc. Once practical arrangements with the marquee rental company have been made, you can inform the other service providers of what has been planned. Good planning and time management are essential to a smooth and trouble-free preparation.