Choosing a tent floor for your event

Are you planning to rent a tent? Take a moment to think about the type of flooring you would like. For both small and large events there are various floor solutions, ranging from wooden floors to carpets. Depending on the surface, the tent and the atmosphere you want to create, you choose the appropriate tent floor. We’ll be happy to give you some tips!

A soft or hard surface?

The possibilities for renting tent floors are very diverse. A meadow, a lawn or a solid ground? Depending on the type of surface and the inclination, the right tent floor is chosen. There is a solution for every surface, but every environment is different and you can best rely on experienced professionals for this.

A wooden floor

A wooden floor is still popular and offers numerous advantages. With a board floor or cassette floor, you add character and class to the interior of your tent. The natural look of wood gives a warm appearance that allows you to go in any direction when it comes to decoration. In addition to a cozy atmosphere, it is particularly pleasant for the guests. Tables and chairs are always on a firm surface.

A cassette floor is a frequently used wooden floor that is quick to place and disassemble by means of a click system. Even on sloping terrain, a cassette floor can be leveled perfectly.

Are you organizing a party that cannot miss a dance floor? Then you can opt to integrate a piece of parquet. Pleasant, stylish and the ideal surface to go crazy for once!

A rug or carpet

You can go very far in the decoration of a party tent. Tables, chairs, lighting, furniture… all accessories will in part determine the atmosphere and color palette of your event. If you choose carpet in your tent, you can choose a color that fits perfectly with the concept.

“A carpet or rug creates comfort and atmosphere at your event. A complete surface in carpet or rather delineate certain zones in the tent? It’s all possible.”

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