Organizing a garden party? Don’t forget your party tent!

How do you still organize a nice, casual garden party in changeable weather? Tentmoment gives you tips on how to create a southern garden party with a warm atmosphere both inside and outside, in a tent. With natural materials, a lot of greenery and nice lighting, your garden party will become an unforgettable moment.

Save the date!

The idea to organize a garden party is there, the date is scheduled and the planning has been made. Now all you have to do is invite your guests. Do you want a numerous attendance at your garden party? Then notify them as soon as you have set the date. This can be done through an old-school paper invitation or just a simple save-the-date message on Facebook or WhatsApp.

How much do you want to spend?

Based on the planning, the number of guests, the delicious food and the abundance of drinks you want to supply, you can determine the general cost.


Think of everything and set your party budget in advance. Lights that create a magical atmosphere, heat sources, fire baskets and blankets to keep your guests warm, a food truck so you won’t have to slave away in the kitchen all day, a party tent so the party can continue regardless of the weather, etc. By calculating everything in advance you will also get an insight into whether the bill is reasonable or not.

Drinks, snacks and a large serving of coziness.

Drinks should be kept cold, but how do you get that many drinks cooled? Turn your wheelbarrow(s) into a giant ice bucket, fill it with ice and place the bottles of beer, wine or soda randomly in it. It’s as cold as ice! The rest of the drinks can be put in your fridge. Don’t forget to provide enough glasses!

Partying, dancing, talking and drinking make for hungry stomachs. Provide snacks, cheeses and chips in between. Afterwards the real work can begin. Don’t want to disappear into the kitchen? Call in a caterer or hire a food truck. Tentmoment is happy to give you advice.

“Taste the success of your garden party and provide delicious food, tasty drinks, fun company and a large dose of coziness”

Phew, disaster scenario avoided.

When you plan to throw a garden party, you dream of a bright day and a gorgeous enchanting garden. Unfortunately, the weather in Belgium is often unpredictable. Protect yourself from this disaster scenario and provide a nice party tent right from the start. This way your garden party can just be brought from outside to inside and the dance extravaganza can continue till the early morning.

Tentmoment has transparent canvases available. It’s a fun way to create an outside effect while inside.

“With the right tent, you transform every occasion into a special moment, even if that sunny day is hidden behind the dark clouds.”

Illuminate your garden, illuminate your tent.

Lights, candles, hanging lights… when the evening falls, your garden is suddenly transformed into something magical. Nice or bad weather, summer nights in Belgium can be quite cold. Many guests will therefore look up the tent for a little warmth. Provide your tent with an enchanting light effect, it gives it just that little bit extra.

“The right lighting in the right places creates an environment full of excitement.”

Last night the DJ save my life!

Put on those dancing shoes, because a garden party might very well end in a giant dance festival. Your tent becomes a real party tent with the right DJ and music. Everyone has at least one music lover or party animal in his circle of friends. Put those two together behind the turntable and the party can’t go wrong. Dancing makes you warm, but don’t forget your neighbors’ night’s sleep. Warn them beforehand and turn the music down a little. Everybody happy!

Together we ensure the perfect garden party.

The right tent lighting, a tasty food truck and the best caterer. Choose everything carefully! We are happy to advise you in your search.

Renting a tent for your garden party?

Contact us. We are happy help you in your choice.