Renting a mobile toilet is part of every event

Has this happened to you before? You’re a guest on a gorgeous party with everything you could ever need, except the sanitation really leaves to be desired. Remember therefore to also pay attention to renting men’s and women’s toilets in addition to your party tent as well as their accessibility.

Looking for sanitary solutions?

Hygienic, fresh smelling and comfortable toilets are indispensable at any event. Rent high quality men’s and women’s toilets, nothing is as annoying as having to deal with sanitary problems at your own party.

“Mobile toilets can be placed near the rental tent or even attached to the party tent if desired.”

A wide range of mobile toilets and trailers

For every type of event or festive occasion there is a wide range of mobile toilets. Mobile trailers exist in different sizes and designs, even when there is no water supply readily available: from lounge to classic, from cozy to modern, combined or not with atmospheric lighting.  Make sure you also think of the wheelchair users when renting your mobile toilets!

Are you organizing a theme party?

Make sure you extend the festive theme everywhere! Yes, even to the sanitation. Decorate your rental trailers and create atmosphere.

Renting the right sanitation for your tent?

Tentmoment is happy to advise you in the search for stylish matching trailers for your celebration, party or event.