A successful wedding in your own yard

A wedding is so special and very personal. Nothing is as unique as getting married in your own garden. From the ‘Yes, I do’ to the ‘Happily ever after’, Tentmoment gives you some tips to make it an unforgettable day, even in less fine weather!

Renting a wedding tent, the ideal solution

We live in Belgium. Cold wet days and nights during summer months are no longer a surprise. Think about equipping your beautifully decorated garden with an equally nicely decorated party tent. We offer several tent accessories to design the wedding tent of your dreams.

What theme are you going for?

Are you going for bohemian chic, classic, sleek and simple or romantic? A theme wedding is always a top idea. String lights, lanterns, flags, candles, flowers, large fire bowls, … in theme witch perfectly matching colors make the party tent and garden one atmospheric whole.

“From the printing to the decoration of the tent and the surroundings, extend the theme throughout the party.”

A wonderful day in all weather conditions

Of course you hope for nice weather on your day, but even so this might just turn out differently. Needless to say, you should take into account a chilly or rainy day and provide the necessary protection and heating. Also make sure your party tent can be properly sealed against the cold, wind and rain.

“Extra comfort in style or better protection from weather and wind? We can provide your tent with side walls with wooden doors and windows or fixed panels.”

Are you getting married soon and preferably in your own garden?

We gladly listen to your dreams and together we create a magical wedding tent and an unforgettable wedding, be it in your own yard or otherwise.

Contact us to rent your wedding tent.