Opening Waregem Business Park

On Friday 21 June, Tentmoment contributed to the spectacular opening event of Waregem Business Park as developed by ION. This property developer is known for its quote #developdifferent. Together with Dazzle Events, we highlighted the ‘difference’ and helped ensure a spectacular and successful opening in Waregem.

Indoor and outdoor feeling

ION expected over 1000 visitors to the grand opening. We installed a 20m by 40m marquee with sufficient space for a large number of enthusiastic guests. The marquee was fitted with a half-transparent roof, bringing the outdoor feeling indoors. The non-transparent part allowed the guests to take a break from the sun and cool down in the shade.

Focus on a top-quality corporate event

Each event comes with its own particular ambiance. In addition to choosing the right marquee, the atmosphere also played a crucial part in the ION event. Together with Dazzle Events, we carefully aligned the red colour palette, the setup and the incidence of natural light. The carpet tiles gave an extra touch to the marquee’s unique decoration.

Tiles always provide the possibility to combine numerous colours, textures and shapes in one floor and thus perfectly develop any specific theme. The end result was a fantastic setting where everything was in perfect balance; in short, all ingredients were present to turn this opening into a memorable experience.

"What mattered most to us was a strong presence of our vision of ‘being different’ in the event concept. That ‘difference’ was the central theme of the event, in addition to our corporate identity."

Davy Demuynck, CEO of ION

Pleasant and spacious wooden outdoor deck

In view of the sunny weather, we provided a large 15m by 30m balau deck next to the marquee. This deck allowed visitors to enjoy a glass of delicious champagne while basking in the sun.

Practical catering marquee for haute cuisine

No opening event would be complete without delicious food. Our practical catering marquee enabled the kitchen team to effortlessly prepare the finest dishes for the guests.

Comfort and luxury, also in the sanitary unit

Comfortable toilets and hygiene are a real must at any large-scale event. Our sanitary trailers offer a wide range of options, from mobile sanitary units to the most high-end solutions.

"We want to thank ION and Dazzle Events for this great event! We wish the ION team lots of success with their new offices in Waregem."

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