How much does it cost to rent a marquee?

The rental price for a marquee depends on several variable factors. These factors include the size of the marquee, the decoration and the accessories you require.

Tentmoment offers a wide range of rental marquees such as clearspan marquees, traditional marquees, pagoda marquees, stretch marquees, etc. Do you want to rent a simple clearspan marquee without any decoration or accessories, or have you always dreamt of a luxurious party marquee with all the trimmings? In the latter case, the rental price will of course be considerably higher. Tentmoment has all it takes to meet your every demand.

To obtain the best possible estimate of the rental price, we ask you to complete the online quotation form or contact us by phone. We will gladly be of assistance.

How large should my party marquee be?

What kind of event are you organising? How many guests will attend? Will there be a bar or dance floor? You need to take into account several aspects. We gladly provide you with the following guidelines:

  • For a dinner with round tables, a general rule of thumb is to allow 2m² per person.
  • In case of a standing buffet, it is best to allow 1.5m² per person.
  • In case of a reception without standing height tables, the recommended area per person is 0.75m².

The above indications take into account the space for a dance floor and bar.

Should the premises be fully accessible?

All materials are always unloaded as close as possible to the place where the marquee will be put up so as to avoid damage to the grounds, garden or park.

Depending on the marquee’s size, the premises need to be sufficiently accessible. For large-scale events, transport takes place by means of a trailer (18 meter) and we use a fork-lift truck to unload the materials on site. It is therefore important that there is sufficient space for our team to park and manoeuvre. In case of limited accessibility of the premises, one of our employees will preferably visit the site in order to make an assessment

What to do in case of heavy weather?

The professionals of Tentmoment pay a great deal of attention to the anchoring of each marquee. We use steels pins, lashing straps and concrete weights to secure the marquees. Accurate calculations are performed for each marquee to optimise their protection against heavy weather.

Although our marquees fulfil the highest safety standards, high wind speeds should always be taken into consideration. Removing banners from poles and completely closing the marquees are the first measures to be taken