A unique gate for your storage tent

In the business world, unexpected challenges always arise. Production ramps up, extra stocks need to be stored, and so on. In such situations, tents offer a flexible solution that adapts to the needs of your company.


As an event agency you are looking for the best partners

At Tentmoment we have been renting out party and storage tents for 3 generations already, allowing us to build a strong reputation when it comes to celebrations and events in a tent.


When do you best use road plates?

Road plates keep your site accessible in all conditions. Every environment, every surface is different, but optimizing the temporary accessibility of your event area is an absolute must. Especially when your party tent is standing on an unpaved an...


A pagoda, an atmospheric tent of 5x5m

A pagoda or pavilion tent is a smaller party tent with a pointed roof and a surface area of about 5mx5m suitable for various occasions.


Renting a mobile toilet is part of every event

Has this happened to you before? You’re a guest on a gorgeous party with everything you could ever need, except the sanitation really leaves to be desired. Remember therefore to also pay attention to renting men’s and women’s toilets in addition t...


Renting a storage tent as temporary storage space

Companies are often faced with a temporary lack of storage space due to activities that are season-related or a sudden growth which causes a lack of storage capacity.


A company party in style on your own company premises

Have you planned a staff party or reception in your company? This is perfectly possible on your own premises.


Renting a tent with wooden windows

Finding right partner is not always easy. Would you like to rent a small or large tent, for one day or rather long term, in your garden or in another location?


Building an outside swimming pool in bad weather conditions? Renting a w...

What if the outside swimming pool you are building is almost finished, but the weather turns bad? In that case, installing a robust, waterproof clearspan tent is without a doubt the ideal solution. It limits dependence on the weather, so that the ...


How you can experience winter tent moments!

In mid-winter numerous events are organized. Just think of the cozy Christmas markets in small villages and big cities, ice-sculpture festivals, dance performances on the ice … but also skating rinks where unique moments are experienced.


A magical winter marquee full of warmth and cosiness

As the cosy warmth of the Christmas and New Year holidays is approaching, we still have some time to do our Christmas shopping. It's the time of year when we rummage in charming shops and boutiques with novelty goods, presents and wonderfully deco...


Step-by-step plan for smooth organisation when renting a marquee

Dreaming of a setting for your wedding which you can decorate in line with your taste and style? Looking for something unique and memorable? Then renting a party marquee is the ideal solution. Organising a private wedding party in your own backyar...


Planning to get married in winter? Rent a lovely heated winter marquee

Rent a marquee for a winter wedding party? It sounds chillingly cold, but more and more people are getting married in winter. Despite the freezing temperatures, renting a decorated winter marquee with a heating system can be the perfect, highly or...


Bring the surroundings inside with a transparent tent

The roof of a tent has a great influence on the appearance of your tent and on the sense of space you experience inside. Do you like extra light? Then there are many possibilities such as transparent roofs and walls with see-through canvas.


Rent a marquee with a half-transparent and half-darkened roof? That is p...

On Friday 21 June, Tentmoment contributed to the spectacular opening event of Waregem Business Park as developed by ION. This property developer is known for its quote #developdifferent. Together with Dazzle Events, we highlighted the ‘difference’...


Renting a tent? Think of your tent equipment.

Your event is scheduled, check! Your invitations have been sent out, check! Your caterer is booked, check! The DJ is fixed, check! Your party tent has been rented, check! You’ve thought of the decoration of your tent, check! Or wait, are you sure ...


A successful wedding in your own yard

A wedding is so special and very personal. Nothing is as unique as getting married in your own garden. From the ‘Yes, I do’ to the ‘Happily ever after’, Tentmoment gives you some tips to make it an unforgettable day, even in less fine weather!


Every event needs the right dash of music

Finding the right music for your event can be a real challenge, especially if you’re not really familiar with the music scene. Nevertheless it is important to match your music to your audience and the type of event, after all music is the ideal wa...


Welcome your guests with a stylish entrance

For a festive welcome at a castle, a company building or a beautiful party tent, a walkway is often chosen. It creates a stylish entrance with class. We would be happy to give you some tips for an impressive welcome at your event.


Renting a tent for your dream wedding?

Renting a gorgeous party tent for the wedding you’ve been dreaming of for years is not something you do every day. Celebrating your wedding in a tent is perfectly possible with all the bells and whistles you’d like. A design with decoration in the...


A sportive tent for a spectacular event

A jumping, a dog show, a cyclocross, a football match and so much more. Sporting events are spectacles, designed for entertainment: “bread and circuses” as they said in the Roman vernacular. Every sporting event is different, but always requires s...


Organizing a garden party? Don’t forget your party tent!

How do you still organize a nice, casual garden party in changeable weather? Tentmoment gives you tips on how to create a southern garden party with a warm atmosphere both inside and outside, in a tent. With natural materials, a lot of greenery an...


Renting an aluminum tent or a frame tent? It’s one and the same tent.

A culinary or sporting event? A performance, exhibition or fair? A private or company party, small or large? By using an aluminum frame tent, you will host a successful event in all weather conditions.


The smooth catering of your party

It is sometimes said: “The way to the heart is through the stomach”. At a culinary event, good food creates atmosphere and cosiness, which in turn creates a successful event. Catering is an important part of a party and it too should be guided in ...


Snacks and drinks at a company party? An advertising cost, so also deduc...

If you are wondering whether you can record the costs of drinks and catering during an open day or business event as a cost? Yes, that’s possible. VAT is now fully deductible as a publicity cost.


Playing with light in and around the party tent

At what time will your party or event take place? During the day, at night or all day? Is it a wedding party or a professional occasion? Choosing the right lighting during the construction and finishing of a tent is decisive for the effects you wa...


Choosing a tent floor for your event

Are you planning to rent a tent? Take a moment to think about the type of flooring you would like. For both small and large events there are various floor solutions, ranging from wooden floors to carpets. Depending on the surface, the tent and the...


A sleek company building needs a sleek tent

Tentmoment loves challenges when it comes to building tents. Challenges make our company stronger and it shows. We love diversity and can build every tent for every specific event.


Presenting a product or service to the public

Soon you want to come out with a new service or product, a crucial moment that you and your team have worked on for months or even years. You are looking for a professional way to organize a successful launch. Take your time and work with the righ...


A tent on a fair, exhibition or salon has to stand out!

Fairs, salons or exhibitions are important for companies to establish contacts with interested professionals or individuals. Does it concern a trade fair or consumer fair? Impressing your potential customers is important and therefore this is the ...


Tips to plan your wedding in an enchanting party tent

In the past years, many beautiful weddings have taken place in our tents. We have created wonderful moments and built and decorated the most beautiful tents.