About us

Tentmoment, formerly known as Europatenten, is one of the Belgian leaders in the market of professional marquee and accessory rental. We install conventional marquees, luxury party marquees and storage marquees across Belgium and northern France. We serve customers in Bruges, Kortrijk, Roeselare, Ghent, the Belgian coast as well as Brussels, Hainaut, Lille and beyond. We are an experienced player in the corporate sector but also create wonderful marquee experiences for private individuals!

“We are the third generation to rent out marquees, and are extremely proud of our job!”

In-house materials & structures

Tentmoment only rents out in-house party and storage marquees. We have several warehouses in Maldegem (Belgium) where we store our structures and accessory materials as well as a separate space where each marque is professionally cleaned and dried. So whenever a marquee leaves our warehouses, you can be sure that it is in tip-top order!

In-house transport

We have a fleet of 4 large trucks and 5 smaller delivery vans which enables us to deliver all materials ourselves.

"We attach great importance to correct and efficient service which is provided entirely in-house. We make sure that every project is planned, monitored and completed down to the last detail!"

Safe & efficient

We focus on various safety aspects. We see to it that everything takes place smoothly and safely before, during and after the installation.

Transport is carried out in-house. Our fleet consists of various types of vehicles we use to transport both small tents and large marquees without any difficulty. Our own experienced drivers take care of the loading and unloading of all materials.

The marquees are always installed in compliance with the safety standards. We have the required materials at our disposal to ensure that every marquee can be assembled and anchored safely

"We are always fully prepared, also in case of extreme weather conditions."