Stockage tent with custom-fit gate

It often happens in many companies that there is a sudden spike in production or that a portion of the inventory remains on hand for a little longer. A flexible space for temporary storage is sometimes necessary, and tents provide the perfect comprehensive solution.

Tentmoment has years of experience in installing high-quality storage tents for customers in a wide range of industries. The tent can be placed on your company's premises, saving you the extra miles to an external storage space.

Unique gate with a wide passage

Our customer, STO Real Estate, was looking for a storage solution to have enough space to store materials safely and dry during extensive renovations. For this purpose, we installed an aluminum tent measuring 20x35 meters close to their company premises.

In addition to a more traditional request for additional storage, this customer also wanted to be able to transport wide materials of over 5.5 meters both in and out. Our tent builders constructed a special gate of 6 meters wide for this purpose in our own workshop.

Utilization of the spacious Tentmoment workshop

Creating such a uniquely designed gate is by no means a simple task. Moving the tent poles is a complex operation that we, as experienced specialists, can execute safely. Adapting a custom storage tent at Tentmoment is possible thanks to our workshop, where we have ample space to create wide passageways in storage or industrial tents.

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