Bring the surroundings inside with a transparent tent

The roof of a tent has a great influence on the appearance of your tent and on the sense of space you experience inside. Do you like extra light? Then there are many possibilities such as transparent roofs and walls with see-through canvas.

Light creates a sense of space

A tent with a transparent roof makes it particularly pleasant to be in. In addition, extra light from above creates a larger and more open feeling. In the evening we make this something unique with extra atmospheric lighting.

Do you have a gorgeous location right by a beautiful company building or a historic location? Then the transparent tent gives your guests the necessary comfort in combination with a view on the location. A transparent roof fits practically every tent and is often combined with transparent side walls. Ideal to bring in the beautiful surroundings.

Curious about other possibilities?

We rent various transparent aluminum frame tents for all types of events from 100 people. Every tent is constructed completely customized and as desired.