Playing with light in and around the party tent

At what time will your party or event take place? During the day, at night or all day? Is it a wedding party or a professional occasion? Choosing the right lighting during the construction and finishing of a tent is decisive for the effects you want to achieve, both inside and outside.

The right lighting in the right place.

Tent lighting on a business gathering or lighting during a major party is a completely different story. Professional advice is therefore recommended. The right partner, small or large, will determine the right lighting for your event. Tentmoment works together with professional light technicians who know how to handle things.

From emergency lighting to unique design lighting.

Lighting in and around a party tent is important. Playing with light creates the right atmosphere and we are happy to work with the right partners for that.

Decor lighting
Spots, string lights, lanterns, illuminated furniture … in one or several colors matching the concept, ensure that the picture is perfect. Nice to look at during the day and at night they create an abundance of coziness.

Disco lighting
Blacklights, disco lights and moving light add the extra power! Rather on or around the dance floor, ambiance is assured!

Outdoor lighting
A cozy terrace or atmospheric environment around your tent can be perfect with wall lamps, uplighters or other outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting really completes your event

“The right lighting in the right place completes any event.”

“LED lighting offers many advantages compared to traditional lighting. Over the last few years, the range has grown enormously, which means that the options have also increased. Thanks to its low energy consumption, LED is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for your party tent.”

Together we create magic!

Whether an event takes place indoors or outside, extra (atmospheric) lighting in a party tent is indispensable. Together, we examine the lighting down to the smallest details and if necessary draw up a light plan. We provide tent lighting of all sizes and styles for both indoor and outdoor use.