The smooth catering of your party

It is sometimes said: “The way to the heart is through the stomach”. At a culinary event, good food creates atmosphere and cosiness, which in turn creates a successful event. Catering is an important part of a party and it too should be guided in the right direction. The choice of the perfect catering tent is crucial in this!

A caterer who knows how to get things done

Choose your caterer carefully and make sure that the catering is adapted to the style of your event. Choose an experienced caterer that knows how to organize everything perfectly on location. Table service, extensive buffets, a barbecue, a reception with snacks, wok buffets, event catering, etc. Talent, organization and the right approach of your caterer makes your party a culinary success.

Your catering on point

Catering tents are practical workspaces that are 100% custom built and equipped to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. They can be constructed separately or connected to buildings and other tents, with or without direct access to the event. This way the caterer and his/her team have the place and space to prepare and ready everything so that the service can run smoothly and in time.

“The perfectly equipped catering tent ensures that the catering team can work smoothly and the service is flawless.”

Discover more possibilities

With a wide range of accessories, you can turn your catering tent into a practical whole. Kitchen worktables, buffet tables, serving trolleys, refrigerators, etc. and the necessary space in the tent ensure a meticulous preparation and progress. Placing a wooden floor, heating or air conditioning, it’s all possible.

“Taste the success with your favorite caterer, a customized catering tent and create a magical culinary event!”

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