When do you best use road plates?

Road plates keep your site accessible in all conditions. Every environment, every surface is different, but optimizing the temporary accessibility of your event area is an absolute must. Especially when your party tent is standing on an unpaved and muddy ground. Use road plates and prevent the materials from sinking and the vehicles from getting stuck. The caterer, the tent supplier and your guests will thank you for it.

Protect the surface with steel or rubber road plates

If the tent is placed on a hard surface steel or rubber road plates are less necessary, but protecting the surface never hurts. If the terrain consists of soft soil, road plates are recommended to easily reach your party tent. Road plates ensure that the damage to meadows, driveways, roads, bike paths and sidewalks is limited.

Road plates require planning and organization.

Loading, unloading, transporting and placing

Steel road plates are sturdy and big. They ensure a good pressure distribution keeping them better in place. Our trucks are equipped with a loading crane and ensure an efficient organization of the loading, unloading, transportation, placement and retrieval of the road plates.

For the placement of rubber road plates, there’s no crane required. They are easily transportable in a van or trailer. Rubber is flexible and bends with the surface.

“By using our own transport, the road plates can be placed in a safe and optimal way.”

Making the way to your tent accessible? Rent driving plates as well.

We are happy to advise you on protecting the surface and optimizing the accessibility of your tent.