Tips to plan your wedding in an enchanting party tent

In the past years, many beautiful weddings have taken place in our tents. We have created wonderful moments and built and decorated the most beautiful tents.

With all these fun moments, Tentmoment wants to inspire numerous bridal couples and give some tips that are important to the organization of your outdoor wedding and the right tent.

Tip 1: Schedule your wedding date in time

You have decided to exchange your vows and can’t wait to tie the knot. The first thing you should do, of course, is fix a date. Popular months to get married include the month May, June and September. The months of July and August are slightly less popular because of the summer holidays and leave periods of the guests.

Special dates such as 08-08-2018 or 19-09-2019 are often sought out. A day like Friday the 13th, on the other hand, is not often chosen.

You usually only tie the knot once and you don’t have this organized in just a few weeks. So plan your wedding date in time so that everything can be arranged and you don’t overlook anything.

Tip 2: Choose the perfect location

You dream of a gorgeous wedding, but still want something original and unique, in a beautiful party tent for example. Choose your own garden, a park or other beautiful location in nature and enlist a professional partner who knows how to get things done. Organizing a wedding in a tent gives you endless possibilities.

Tip 3: Who do you invite?

Choosing the guests is not always a simple task. Our tip: follow your heart and make a list of family and close friends. Based on the number of guests, we can help determine the type and size of the tent.

Tip 4: Choose the right tent

Based on the number of guests and your personal preferences, we select your wedding tent together. The possibilities are enormous. We can keep it basic or go very far, even to the extent that you forget that you are celebrating your wedding day in a tent. If desired, Tentmoment makes it a real party castle, with all the bells and whistles.

Tip 5: Choose a theme or color palette

Be creative! A personal style for invitations, menu cards and even a web page is fun. Choosing all tables, chairs, table settings, flours and plants, tent decorations, lighting, … according to a theme or certain color palette makes a party complete.

Interested in planning your wedding in an enchanting party tent?

Don’t hesitate and request a quote to rent your wedding tent. We are happy to help you further.