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Storage tents, also known as industrial tents, are rented by companies in need of a temporary extra space to work, store, protect weather sensitive goods, give machinery/vehicles more shelter or as a showroom during a company event. We rent solid storage tents on both short and long term in the construction sector, agricultural sector, logistics sector, … all over Belgium.

“We know exactly what is needed to anchor your tent correctly and to protect it from lightning storms and high wind speeds.”


A storage tent is a high quality and sturdy tent that is custom-built. Everything is tailored to your vehicles, machines or products.


You can freely choose between a high-quality canvas or panels in PVC, insulated or not. If you choose an entrance gate for your tent, you have the choice between a roll-up gate or a slide to the side gate. Doors and gates are placed wherever you need them.


Tentmoment builds every storage tent in various dimensions. You choose the dimensions according to your personal preferences and in function of the possibilities. The size of the entrance and gate is completely adapted to vehicles and machines.


Different options like heating, air-conditioning, generator sets, lighting, steal or Stelcon road plates and such are also possible.


All materials used in our storage or industrial tents are of course fireproof. Tentmoment tents fully comply with the current safety regulations. Every storage tent is provided with the necessary technical information.

We help and guide you

We would be happy to visit you without obligation so that we can correctly asses what you need. We take into account various aspects such as adjacent warehouses or buildings, the subsoil for proper anchoring, safety, limited heights, etc. We will guide you and provide the appropriate storage tent at attractive rental conditions.

Interested in renting a marquee for your exhibition or trade fair?

Please contact us for more information or complete the quotation form with your specific requirements. We will contact you as soon as possible and provide you with the best solution.

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