Fairs and exhibitions


Tentmoment offers all her customers the best service and experience when it comes to rental tents for trade fairs, exhibitions and salons. We will gladly listen to your wishes and can perfectly asses what you need.

Professional placement

The planning of a project is always closely monitored by a team of professionals. The right materials in the right place, smooth and efficient, a flawless placement of each tent; that’s our objective. For each project we take into account various aspect such as adjacent warehouses or buildings, the subsoil for proper anchoring, safety, heights, etc. Good agreements and clear communication with each customer ensures a successful project every time.

Professional deconstruction

The time of deconstruction is always decided in consultation with the customer. We have a team of own people that knows how to get things done and executes the deconstruction of your tent smoothly and flawlessly. We ensure that every project is handled correctly.

“For your exhibition, trade fair, salon or even a shopping area, we will guide you to the right tent set-up and equipment you need.”

Interested in renting a marquee for your exhibition or trade fair?

All marquee structures are carefully assembled and dismantled. Please contact us for a non-committal quotation, and we will gladly be of assistance.

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