A sleek company building needs a sleek tent

Tentmoment loves challenges when it comes to building tents. Challenges make our company stronger and it shows. We love diversity and can build every tent for every specific event.

A combination of experience and passion

Every tent we build is an optimal collaboration between a strong team and often other professional partners. We work together with, for example, event agencies, engineers in the field of light and sound, caterers… who can finish every event to perfection. In short, a tent that shines both inside and outside.

A professional moment in style

For BMW Dejonckheere in Roeselare Tentmoment placed a perfectly fitting tent with transparent roof, right next to the beautiful company buildings, which provided a stylish reception area for the guests.

“A sleek tent with transparent canvases was transformed into a beautiful reception area, all in cooperation with Isabelle d’Hulster (Présence). It was a Tent moment to remember!”