Interior decorations


Every professional or festive event needs the right ambiance. In addition to the choice of the right tent, atmosphere plays an important role. The choice of the color palette, the lighting, light distribution, the type of arrangement and layout of the tent must be fully coordinated. Tentmoment ensures the appropriate decoration that suits your moment.

A sleek or classic look

We can transform the tent that you rent just the way you like it. Side walls are upholstered and draped, ceilings are decorated with headlining and all technical details are professionally camouflaged. We offer every interior decoration customized to your needs.

Down to the smallest detail

We are happy to listen and think with you about the complete decoration of your tent: table settings, chairs, lighting, atmospheric decoration, etc. Even wooden floors, wooden windows and the construction of a beautiful (covered) terrace is perfectly possible. Do you dream of an outdoor concept for your party? We provide gardens with terraces, romantic bridges, lighting, decoration and other creative garden elements.

“Our team helps you with the concept you have in mind. Do you want a modern, contemporary or stylish look or do you prefer a bit more exclusive? We are happy to guide you to a beautiful party with an eye for the smallest detail.”

Wooden floors and terraces

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Want advice on the interior decoration of your marquee?

Please contact us for more information or complete the quotation form. We will contact you as soon as possible and we will gladly help you choose the desired marquee accessories.

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