Walkways are used as a creative element in the field of tent construction, open or covered. You can come to us to rent a walkway tailored to your entrance, tent or building. Our team does its setup completely customized, with a creative touch or otherwise.

A stylish entrance

Are you looking for a stylish entrance or reception for your guests, then a walkway can certainly not be missed at your party. Walkways can be creations of a (red) carpet or a board floor, covered or not, combined with flowers, posts or other decorations. Walkways are a real eye catcher for your party!

A connection between tents & buildings

Other applications where walkways are places are lager events such as fairs, company parties or other events where a connection is required between 2 buildings and/or tents.

“Entering is style? Walkways can be attached to your building, to your tent or between two buildings and/or tents.”

Interested in renting a stylish entrance for your marquee?

We rent out walkways to create an entrance to your marquee or to connect two marquees or buildings. Please contact us for more information or complete the quotation form with your specific requirements.

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