Wooden floors and terraces


A wooden floor in your tent is highly recommended. We rent different types of tent floors that can be placed on different surfaces. Even the placement of a wooden terrace or walkway is one of the possibilities.

Cassette floors

A cassette floor is a wooden floor and consists of aluminum cassettes in which Norwegian pine-wood slats are attached. This floor can easily be places on all types of terrains by means of a convenient click system. A cassette floor can be perfectly leveled, and stability is guaranteed. It is also possible to use this floor in a slightly sloping terrain. The cassettes are 2,5 m at 1m and are, including steel underlayer, approximately 15 cm high.

“Through our experience and creativity, we can advise and guide you to specific solutions and possibilities.”

Board floors

Mostly classic wooden board floors are placed in our marquees. Guests can enjoy a pleasant surface and tables and chairs can be set firmly.


A wooden terrace provides an extra dimension and extra comfort for your guests, especially in fine weather. A party tent with adjoining terrace can be perfectly designed and finished. For this purpose, the wooden cassette floors in the tent are extended to outside so that the placement of a terrace can be done quickly and efficiently.

The natural and cozy appearance of wood and the choice of the right terrace furniture will ensure the desired and necessary comfort. We can turn every terrace into a beautiful outdoor area

“Avoid tripping when walking in and out of the tent with aluminum access ramps. These ramps also make the tent accessible to wheelchair users.”

Want advice on our wooden floors & decks?

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